At Wilsons Solar, we’re always on the lookout to improve the way we provide our solar services to our customers.

In order to better detect damages and faults to your solar system, we have acquired thermal imaging drones, adding to our state-of-the-art range of equipment. Wherever your solar panels or inverter are located, they can be easily inspected with our thermal drones.

Why do we use thermal imaging drones to inspect solar panels?

Over time, your property’s solar panels can accumulate micro-cracks or minor damage from extreme weather conditions or pests such as rodents and birds. While these small cracks may not be noticeable in the beginning, over time they can worsen the efficiency of your solar system.

Our solar technicians use these drones to easily identify internal damage to each of your installed panels. Anomalies within individual cells can be detected by our specialised technology, with geo-referenced data providing our repair technicians with the precise location of the issue within the system.

These issues can now be found without having to climb onto your roof and physically inspect or disconnect individual panels. Using thermal imaging drones provides a quicker, more efficient manner for identifying and resolving issues with your solar system before they worsen.

Thermal imaging drone used for solar inspections

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