Standby Generators for Your Home


When there is a power outage, a home standby generator can keep your lights and air conditioning operating. Wilsons Solar & Electrical can provide and install a backup generator for your home to safeguard you and your family when the electricity goes out.

Gas standby generators provide peace of mind and automatically keep your home powered when the power goes out, whether the outage is caused by a heatwave, a fire, or a cyclone.

Pramac home generator

We all depend on power - imagine being without electricity for:

  • Fridge / freezer
  • Air Conditioning
  • Lights
  • Kitchen appliances
  • TV & Internet
  • Security systems

An automatic gas backup generator is the best option for protecting your house from the inconveniences of power outages, which are occurring more frequently and lasting longer than ever before, with disastrous consequences.

With an automated backup generator, as soon as the electricity goes off, the generator turns on and supplies power to your home automatically. That's all there is to it.

How a backup generator works


Your property is automatically protected by a permanently installed home backup generator that runs on liquid propane (LP) or natural gas and sits outside the home, like an air conditioner unit. During a power outage, an auto-start home backup generator detects a power failure, kicks in automatically, and supplies backup power straight to your home's electrical system, protecting your entire home or just the most important things. It will continue to run until the electricity is restored, whether it takes two hours or two weeks.

Our experienced level 2 electricians can connect your gas backup generator directly to your power source, saving you the trouble of refuelling the unit and allowing you to preserve gas bottles for your outdoor equipment.

At Wilsons, we can help protect the things that keep your life running by providing high-quality, low-cost power solutions. We supply and install home backup generators from various brands, including Pramac and Generac. Our electricians are also fully qualified to carry out generator repairs and servicing of all makes and models.

Generac standby generator

For a quote on a new home generator or repair, or for more information on how we can help protect you and your home from power outages, contact Wilsons Solar & Electrical today on 02 5633 9411.