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Solar Supply & Installation Tuncurry

If you're looking for quality solar panel installation services, Wilson's Solar & Electrical can help. Our team of qualified technicians are experienced in designing and installing solar power systems for homes and businesses across Tuncurry.

If you're interested in generating your own electricity from the sun, we can turn your vision into reality by providing you with the best solar panels on the market today.

Our experienced team will work with you to determine which system is right for you, whether it's a residential or commercial application. We'll then provide high-quality products and services from start to finish.

We offer a range of different systems that can suit all budgets.

Solar Power Solutions Tuncurry

Solar panel installation Tuncurry

Our team will work with you to create an individualised design that suits your home or business needs and your budget requirements. Our designers will take into account factors such as available roof space and shading when creating your ideal system design.

Solar battery systems Tuncurry

Solar battery systems are a great way to store the electricity generated by the sun. With a solar battery system, you can keep all that power in reserve until it’s needed.

Solar ground mount systems Tuncurry

Ground mount systems are a good alternative to roof-mounted panels. These ground assets can be adjusted and maintained easily, and have fewer obstructions to sunlight.

Solar Brands we work with

Solar Inverter Repairs Tuncurry

Realising your solar panels aren't generating power and being unable to contact the business that installed them is frustrating.

That's why at Wison's Solar and Electrical, we specialise in the repair of inverters and micro inverters in Tuncurry. Our certified local electricians and solar professionals are ready to help no matter what brand you're using.

We’ve come across a number of inverter issues such as:

orange icon of a flashing inverter

Beeping or flashing lights

orange icon of a screen that says error

Error codes

orange icon of a storm cloud

Storm related inverter issues

Stand alone off grid power systems Tuncurry

If you're looking for a stand alone source of power in Tuncurry, the team at Wilson's can supply and install off grid solar systems for use on a range of applications. Our systems are designed to provide reliable power all year round.
orange icon of a farm


orange icon of a house

Smaller homes and weekenders

orange icon of a building and large home

Larger homes or commercial operations

orange icon of remote area

Remote Location Power Generation

orange icon of a water pump

Water pumps

Wilsons Solar & Electrical have years of experience in installing solar panels and complete off grid solar systems for:

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orange icon of a farm house

Rural Properties/farms

orange icon of a small business shop

Small businesses

Local Certified Commercial & Residential Electricians Tuncurry

At Wilsons Solar & Electrical, we service all areas of rural and remote power needs. Our experienced team can advise and implement safe and reliable electrical solutions.

Level 2 Electricians Tuncurry

General domestic and rural electrical work Tuncurry

The electrical technicians at Wilson's are experienced and qualified to assist you with your rural power supply needs. Whether you require an upgrade, service or installation, we have the specialists on hand to help.

Overhead and underground power (Level 2 Electrician) Tuncurry

Wilson's Solar & Electrical can assist in correcting defects and providing solutions for replacing current overhead lines and underground power to avoid any continuing maintenance issues.

We're backed by 5 star reviews