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Solar Supply & Installation Glenthorne

Wilson's Solar and Electrical is a locally owned and operated solar plus electrical company that offers total solar power solutions. Whether it’s solar, commercial, or industrial systems you need, our technicians have been servicing the Glenthorne area since 2008, providing the locals with alternative and cheaper ways to power their properties.

Solar Power Solutions Glenthorne

Solar Panel Installations in Glenthorne

With a wide range of brands and systems, we’ll find and install the right system that complements your property while maximising energy absorption.

Solar Battery Systems in Glenthorne

With our Solar Battery installation services, you can power your property when the sun goes down. We’re all about helping the Glenthorne locals get the most out of their solar systems!

Solar Ground Mount Systems in Glenthorne

If a rooftop installation is not an option, we can install ground mount systems that allow you to get all the benefits of solar energy without relying on your roof. Whatever your preferences, we’re here to find a suitable solution.

Solar Brands We Work With

Solar Inverter Repairs in Glenthorne

There’s nothing worse than realising the solar system you’ve invested in is no longer outputting what it should be, and your inverter is causing you a lot of stress by refusing to work as intended. If that’s the case, our qualified local technicians are more than happy to help, even if your old installer is nowhere to be found!

For all solar repairs in Glenthorne, we can address issues such as:

orange icon of a flashing inverter

Beeping or flashing lights

orange icon of a screen that says error

Error codes

orange icon of a storm cloud

Storm related inverter issues

Stand-alone Off Grid Power Systems in Glenthorne

If you're looking for a completely self-sustainable energy source, the team at Wilsons Solar and Electrical can help provide the next step in getting the most out of your solar system. We have extensive experience in installing self-sustainable off-grid solar systems for:
orange icon of a farm


orange icon of a house

Smaller homes and weekenders

orange icon of a building and large home

Larger homes or commercial operations

orange icon of remote area

Remote Location Power Generation

orange icon of a water pump

Water pumps

Wilsons Solar & Electrical have years of experience in installing solar panels and complete off grid solar systems for:

orange icon of three houses


orange icon of a farm house

Rural Properties/farms

orange icon of a small business shop

Small businesses

Local Certified Commercial & Residential in Glenthorne

We don’t just specialise in solar repairs, as our team of level 2 electricians can address all types of electrical issues, including those on remote properties.

Level 2 Electricians Glenthorne

General Domestic & Rural Electrical work in Glenthorne

For all general electrical enquiries, Wilsons is your local electrician on the NSW Mid-coast, providing both domestic and rural services across the region.

Overhead & Underground Power (Level 2 Electrician) in Glenthorne

Wilsons’ technicians are all level 2 trained electricians who are authorised to perform a variety of services, including reconnecting and disconnecting networks.

We're backed by 5 star reviews