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Solar Supply & Installation Diamond Beach

Looking for reliable solar supply and installation services in Diamond Beach? Wilsons Solar and Electrical is your local Diamond Beach solar specialist that has been helping the locals with all their solar enquiries since 2008.

Our team of qualified solar technicians specialise in keeping your property greener while slashing your electricity bills with our wide range of solar services for homes and businesses across Diamond Beach.

Whether it’s for your home, or for your commercial property, you can be assured that we’ll help you find the perfect solar setup for it. There’s no such thing “as a one-size fits all approach” when it comes to helping our customers, and we’ve earned the trust of the Diamond Beach locals by providing them with high-quality solar products plus services tailored to their needs.

Solar Power Solutions Diamond Beach

Solar panel installations in Diamond Beach

We will advise and guide you on the ideal solar system design for your property. Taking into account roof space, designs and shading, we’ll ensure you are completely satisfied and that the solar installation maximises solar energy generation. There’s no perfect solution for everyone, which is why an installation from us will be suited specifically for your requirements.

Solar battery systems in Diamond Beach

When the sun goes down, your carbon footprint and bills shouldn’t have to go up. Our solar battery system installations are an ideal method of storing electricity absorbed by your system during the day, so you can maximise savings and help the environment during the night or on cloudy days.

Solar ground mount systems in Diamond Beach

When we say we find specific solutions for every customer, we mean it. One of our services includes the installation of ground mount systems. They can be positioned to maximise energy absorption while avoiding obstructions. They also aren’t difficult to adjust or maintain.

Solar Brands we work with

Solar Inverter Repairs in Diamond Beach

If your solar panels aren’t producing electricity or aren’t performing as they used to, you need a dependable local solar repair company for reliable and prompt service.

Wilsons Solar and Electrical provide repairs for all types of solar installations. Regardless of what inverter or micro-inverter brand is installed, providing solutions and getting your system running properly again is our objective.

The issues we can address are:

orange icon of a flashing inverter

Beeping or flashing lights

orange icon of a screen that says error

Error codes

orange icon of a storm cloud

Storm related inverter issues

Stand-alone Off Grid Power Systems in Diamond Beach

For the ultimate reduction in your power bill, we install off-grid solar systems all over Diamond Beach. Not only will they allow you to save by completely self-sustaining your energy, but they can also do wonders for reducing your impact on the environment.
orange icon of a farm


orange icon of a house

Smaller homes and weekenders

orange icon of a building and large home

Larger homes or commercial operations

orange icon of remote area

Remote Location Power Generation

orange icon of a water pump

Water pumps

Wilsons Solar & Electrical have years of experience in installing solar panels and complete off grid solar systems for:

orange icon of three houses


orange icon of a farm house

Rural Properties/farms

orange icon of a small business shop

Small businesses

Local Certified Commercial & Residential in Diamond Beach

There’s a reason we’re called Wilsons Solar AND Electrical. For all electrical issues including remote and rural power solutions, our experienced team will put some spark back into your system.

Level 2 Electricians Diamond Beach

General Domestic & Rural Electrical work in Diamond Beach

For all domestic and rural electrical services within Diamond Beach, get in touch with us for everything to do with installations and repairs.

Overhead & Underground Power (Level 2 Electrician) in Diamond Beach

Wilsons Solar and Electrical also have level 2 certifications which authorise us to perform various types of electrical work including overhead and underground repairs.

We're backed by 5 star reviews