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Solar Supply & Installation Crowdy Head

If you're looking for professional solar supply and installation services, Wilsons Solar and Electrical can help. Our team of qualified technicians is experienced in designing and installing solar power systems for homes and businesses across the NSW Mid-coast. Whether you need a system for a residential or commercial application, our experienced team of solar technicians will work with you to determine which system is right for you. We'll then provide high-quality products and services from start to finish.

If you’re in the stunning ocean-side village of Crowdy Head and are interested in going greener, Wilsons Solar and Electrical are your local solar installers. Providing everything from solar installations, inspections, and repairs, we’re you’re local professionals for everything to do with cleaner energy.

We offer both residential and commercial systems, ensuring you’re provided with a solution that’s perfect for your needs. We’ll make sure you turn green, without getting angry.

Solar Power Solutions Crowdy Head

Solar Panel Installations in Crowdy Head

For cleaner and more efficient energy, Wilsons Solar and Electrical can install panels that are perfectly suited for your residential or commercial property.

Solar Battery Systems in Crowdy Head

Get more out of your solar system with a solar battery that can utilise all energy absorbed during the day through the night.

Solar Ground Mount Systems in Crowdy Head

Solar panels don’t just have to be on roofs. Whether panels on your roof aren’t an option, or you simply prefer an alternative, we can install ground-mounted panels that are easily adjustable.

Solar Brands We Work With

Solar Inverter Repairs in Crowdy Head

If you suspect your panels aren’t working like before, it’s vital to get them inspected before they end up costing you more in the long run. Wilsons Solar and Electrical not only provides this service, but we’ll also take a look at your system even if it was installed by a different company. Whether you can’t get in touch with them or need a second opinion, we’ll be more than happy to inspect it and advise you on solutions.

The inverter issues we repair include:

orange icon of a flashing inverter

Beeping or flashing lights

orange icon of a screen that says error

Error codes

orange icon of a storm cloud

Storm related inverter issues

Stand-alone Off Grid Power Systems in Crowdy Head

For the ultimate in greener and cleaner energy, we can install a stand-alone off-grid power system, giving you flexibility and the option to have self-sustaining energy on your property.
orange icon of a farm


orange icon of a house

Smaller homes and weekenders

orange icon of a building and large home

Larger homes or commercial operations

orange icon of remote area

Remote Location Power Generation

orange icon of a water pump

Water pumps

Wilsons Solar & Electrical have years of experience in installing solar panels and complete off grid solar systems for:

orange icon of three houses


orange icon of a farm house

Rural Properties/farms

orange icon of a small business shop

Small businesses

Local Certified Commercial & Residential in Crowdy Head

For all rural/remote electrical services across Crowdy Head, Wilsons Solar and Electrical is your local choice for all electrical issues and installations.

Level 2 Electricians Crowdy Head

General Domestic & Rural Electrical work in Crowdy Head

For everything to do with electrical, Wilsons have you covered. We provide local services for all rural/domestic areas within Crowdy Head, with the expertise and service that the locals always appreciate.

Overhead & Underground Power (Level 2 Electrician) in Crowdy Head

With a level 2 certification, the Wilsons team is authorised to carry out various types of electrical services, including overhead and underground power repairs, installations, etc.

We're backed by 5 star reviews