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Solar Supply & Installation Nabiac

For the expertise and local experience to match, Wilsons Solar and Electrical can help you with all your solar enquiries in Nabiac. We’ll provide you with the best panels and setup that’s suited for your needs. Whatever your budget or preferences are, we’ll advise you on the ideal system for your property. It’s how we’ve earned our local love in Nabiac.

Solar Power Solutions Nabiac

Solar Panel Installations in Nabiac

Our team isn’t just here to provide any solution, we’ll advise and work with you to find what suits you best. It’s what the locals in Nabiac know us for, as all of our solar installations truly reflect our clients’ diverse preferences while helping them maximise their solar absorption.

Solar Battery Systems in Nabiac

We don’t believe you should only have access to solar power during the day, which is why we specialise in solar battery installations as well. This allows you to rely on reserves during the night or on cloudy days.

Solar Ground Mount Systems in Nabiac

If you’d like to keep your roof free from panels, solar ground mounts are a fantastic alternative. They can be easily adjusted for maximum efficiency and energy absorption.

Solar Brands We Work With

Solar Inverter Repairs in Nabiac

When your electricity bills are higher than they should be, you’d be right to suspect that something is amiss with your solar system.

At Wilsons Solar and Electrical, we don’t just install solar systems - we also provide repairs. Even if you can no longer get in touch with your old installer, we can provide repairs for various types of inverters from different brands.

We can address issues including:

orange icon of a flashing inverter

Beeping or flashing lights

orange icon of a screen that says error

Error codes

orange icon of a storm cloud

Storm related inverter issues

Stand-alone Off Grid Power Systems in Nabiac

For power that’s truly independent, Wilsons also installs stand-alone off-grid power systems. Not only do we provide a reliable source of power - it’s clean energy too.
orange icon of a farm


orange icon of a house

Smaller homes and weekenders

orange icon of a building and large home

Larger homes or commercial operations

orange icon of remote area

Remote Location Power Generation

orange icon of a water pump

Water pumps

Wilsons Solar & Electrical have years of experience in installing solar panels and complete off grid solar systems for:

orange icon of three houses


orange icon of a farm house

Rural Properties/farms

orange icon of a small business shop

Small businesses

Local Certified Commercial & Residential in Nabiac

At Wilsons Solar and Electrical, we don’t just specialise in solar systems - we can also address any electrical issues you may have. Whether it’s repairs or services, our team is here to add some spark, literally.

Level 2 Electricians Nabiac

General Domestic & Rural Electrical work in Nabiac

For all your domestic and rural electrical concerns on the NSW Mid-coast, Wilsons is here to put some spark in your life. Whether you require electrical services for faults or an upgrade for your home, we take care of your electrical enquiries.

Overhead & Underground Power (Level 2 Electrician) in Nabiac

Wilsons Solar and Electrical level 2 electricians are authorised to provide electrical services such as underground service lines and disconnecting and reconnecting electrical networks.

We're backed by 5 star reviews